Stepping Stones and Altar Stones

 Greetings dear readers. I Jon Timmerman (aka Mr. Buffalo) bring you a new blog for your reading pleasure. The Ebenezer project will be much different then The Wandering Buffalo, as it will focus more on my spiritual musings, rather than my travel work. enjoy.

   The word Ebenezer comes from Hebrew and it means “stone of help”, these was the name given the heaps of stones that the Israelites often made to commemorate something that God had done, such as when God stopped the flow of the Jordan river. I have always loved that story. When I was growing up, my Mom always stressed the importance of remembering what God had done for us.

  Today, I hold a view that we should celebrate our stepping  stones by using them as altar stones. In the 17th century, Ebenezer came into the English language, as meaning “Hither hath God helped us” . I see the importance of being able to point at something and say “Hither hath God brought me”. I am not suggesting that we build actual piles of rocks, for me that would be too many rocks. I am suggesting that we make mental monuments or we write things down. 

    In my own life, in the last four years, the monument shave been many. I live in Beijing. I just got a new job working for a company I like, and I am getting a new apartment. God has brought a long way from who I was when I first believed. I am no longer the angry young man with a chip on his shoulder, I am a man who knows what he’s here for. And for this I will build altars.



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